Ducati Superbike Concorso

Ducati are one of the leading manufacturers of superbikes, world over. If someone asks you to name a brand of sports motorcycle, you'll probably think along the lines of Ducati, Suzuki or Yamaha. Ducatis are among the best bikes you can find. Expertly engineered, brilliantly styled. The Ducati brand is nothing to scoff at. Ducatis even use some of the best tyres in birmingham to ride on.

Frequently using four stroke engines, Ducati have always had a reputation for big engines, giving riders a lot of power in a surprisingly small package. Ducati have actually designed several iteration of engines, changing the amount of cylinders, the types of parts they use in the engine and more. Perhaps the most famous engine by Ducati is the V-twin engine, which is named due to the configuration of the cylinders, each positioned at an angle between 1 and 179 degrees from the other. The second cyclinder designed to fire just slightly after the first, to produce two separate thrusts at different locations on the clutch. Specifically in the case of the Ducati V-Twin, they are referred to as L-Twin. This name is taken from the fact Ducati manufactures the engine so that the first cylinder sits parallel to the ground, while the other sits at a direct right-angle to the first.

When Ducati affix tyres to their bikes they use the exclusive Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyes. This is a road edition of tyres used during the Superstock 1000 championship. They are some of the widest tyres ever mounted on a superbike, with a design aimed at maintaining your trajectory on straight roads and through corners, as well as increasing the amount of contact with the road during turns. Guaranteed to perform with great grip at all times, and using polymers that heat rapidly, giving you all the grip you'll ever need as the tyres soften and stick to the road like glue. Extra information about tyres birmingham.